Blog: Secure messaging solutions (or not)

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Patrowl's blog - Secure messaging solutions (or not)

Sometimes it is necessary to do a risk assessment of the use of messaging applications, either to make a choice, to propose risk reduction measures, or just to understand the risks.

Rather than doing the analysis for you, which will depend on the contexts, here are some time-saving elements:

Quarkslab's famous charts that show the origins of applications, encryption, and the risks associated with the use of ads, third-party libraries, or dynamic code loading:

You also have this site which presents a little more in details the functioning of each application as well as some information concerning the companies:

The EFF has also published a guide (old and archived) presenting some other criteria like documentation, audit proofs...:

The document is considered deprecated, but I haven't found an equivalent that is as readable on the other EFF site:

Finally, for Telegram fans, here is the presentation at CCC 2018 detailing the tug of war between Russia and Telegram

Good study or analysis 😁

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