what Patrowl does?

What is Patrowl?

Patrowl is an Offensive Security as a Service solution which allows you to improve your Exposure Management (EM), to secure your External Exposure aka External Security Posture.

Patrowl specifically addresses your three main problems regarding your Internet exposed (external facing) assets:

  • Regain visibility and continuously discover your Internet exposed (external facing) assets
  • Stay informed and be alerted in real time on all threats and vulnerabilities impacting your assets
  • Take advantage of our hyper-automation to save time

Patrowl is one unique product which does:

  • Continuous (re)discovery of all your Internet exposed (external facing) assets, partially with our External Attack Surface Management (EASM)
  • Continuous identification of all your weaknesses and vulnerabilities with our continuous pentest (Continuous Automated Red Team / CART), our Pentest as a Service (PTaaS) and our realtime cyber threat monitoring​
  • Easy remediation from our dashboard with prioritization and contextualization
  • Control of the remediation with the ability to retest​ with 1 single clic

Don’t waste any more time with complex tools, too long to configure, requiring too many specific skills, requiring you to click to validate your cyber defenses… you are already overloaded and understaffed. Patrowl is accessible if you are not an expert, allows you to quickly raise your cybersecurity and reduce your risks.

Your time is worth more than that, choose Patrowl.

Simplify your life, choose Patrowl.

Be faster than attackers, choose Patrowl.

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Loss of visibility on your Internet exposed assets?

Do you lose visibility and control of your Internet exposed (external facing) assets due to constant change (SCRUM, Agile, DevOps…) and mutation (5G, remote work, Cloud, SaaS, Shadow IT...)?

Reduce your external attack surface and regain control on your Internet exposed (external facing) assets, your applications with Security by Design, your third-parties and associated risks by continuously rediscovering with our External Attack Surface Management (EASM) and doing security check with our Pentest as a Service (PTaaS).

As a bonus, we detect: Shadow IT, phishing websites using your brand and counterfeit.


Drowned by all new threats and vulnerabilities?

Get alerted in real-time on threats and vulnerabilities concerning your Internet exposed (external facing) assets. Act before attackers do, by applying our prioritized and contextualized remediation plan. As a bonus, you get informed on threats and major vulnerabilities in real-time.


Difficulties to hire cybersecurity experts?

Enjoy our hyper-automation and artificial intelligence orchestration. Let us manage and automate time-consuming tasks to let your teams focus on remediation and high skilled tasks.


Insufficient budget or cut?

Do you have budget cuts or insufficient increases regarding the threats? Rationalize your costs with one single platform managing all your Internet exposed (external facing) assets, replacing your: external pentest, external fingerprinting, blackbox scan, external BAS… Patrowl has an average Return On Investment (ROI) of 287%.

Monitor your assets with enriched data

Security Teams face the overall growing number of technologies and assets to monitor, vulnerabilities and attacks growth, talent shortage and cost optimization challenges. PatrowlHears provides a unified source of vulnerability, exploits and threat Intelligence feeds.


Accelerate vulnerability tracking, analysis and remediation

With hundreds of vulnerabilities with critical or high severity to deal with, the daily security reports look like a shining Christmas tree. Prioritize your threat management process with a easy and updated access to exposure and contextualized intelligence.


Risk-based Scoring

Prioritization is an essential success factor for improving efficiency and continue to provide the highest quality and relevant service in security incident response and vulnerability management. Our scoring algorithm is IA-powered, with a lot of Machine Learning tricks based on relevant metrics from intrinsic vulnerability characteristics, threat topicality and your asset context as exposure, distribution and criticality.

Our capabilities

Patrowl is a unique product which does:
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Asset discovery

Asset discovery by continuously discovering external-facing assets, including shadow-it, attackers' phishing websites and counterfeit



Monitoring by continuously scanning discovered assets to find weaknesses (vulnerabilities, misconfigurations…)



Weakness qualification by evaluation the technical vulnerability scoring, the likelihood of an attack, the existence of a way to exploit (exploit, technique…) and the level of exposure of the affected asset​


Asset analysis

Asset analysis by qualifying assets attributes, criticality and exposition​


Prioritization of risks

Prioritization of risks and vulnerabilities



Alerting based on prioritization​



Remediation by providing a prioritized action plan to mitigate threats, integrated with ticketing systems, business communication platform (chat room) and security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solutions

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