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White paper and corporate profile.

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Livre Blanc : Gestion des vulnérabilités

White paper: Vulnerability management 2024 (in French)

White paper

Vulnerability Management White Paper of 2024, to which Patrowl contributed as part of the Vulnerability Management Working Group in Cyber Campus

Automated reports

Patrowl has a new feature: automated reports (in French)

Press release

A new feature that consolidates companies' cyber compliance


Clusif and OSSIR

White Paper

"Cybersecurity for executives", distributed at FIC EU 2021, in which Patrowl contributed (in French)

Horizon Cyber 2030

Horizon Cyber 2030

Campus Cyber booklet

Prospects and challenges of the Cyber Campus, in which Patrowl contributed (in French)

security engineer

Security engineer

Expert opinion

By Sébastien Coll and Marius Vinaschi, pentesters at Patrowl