Blog: CaRE program: healthcare facilities close the cybersecurity gap with Patrowl

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The recent Cybersecurity Acceleration and Resilience of Establishments (CaRE) program is an action plan designed to protect the healthcare sector from the cyber threat. With a budget of 750 million euros, it will be implemented throughout France until 2027.

The objectives of the CaRE program revolve around 4 axes (governance and resilience - resources and pooling - awareness-raising - operational security) and aim to strengthen the ability of healthcare establishments to prevent and combat cybercrime.

The Patrowl solution contributes to this success by effectively meeting the priority objectives of monitoring and controlling the entire online exposure surface of public and private healthcare establishments.

Operational security: a priority

With the number of attacks on the increase, and to prevent the costs they entail, the French Ministry of Health is placing particular emphasis on operational security. The aim is to prevent cyber-attacks from coming to fruition, and to enable a return to normal operations as quickly as possible in the event of an attack.

Upgrading protection systems involves identifying and assessing the risks faced by organizations. The Patrowl SaaS solution is in line with the objectives of this axis Operational Security, in particular under priority area no. 1: controlling the risks of exposure on the Internet (D1.O2).

Recent cyber-attacks show that Internet exposure is one of the main vectors for attackers to penetrate the information systems of healthcare establishments.

| Ministerial Delegation for Digital Health, CaRE program

Patrowl, the French leader in Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM), provides a comprehensive overview of Internet exposure and the risks incurred on a daily basis. By identifying the critical vulnerabilities affecting your assets, it proposes detailed remediation plans for effective and rapid resolution.

Protect your exposed surface on the Internet

Unique on the European cybersecurity solutions market, two-time winner of the 2023 Innovation Award at the Assises de la Cybersécurité and listed in the ANSSI catalog, Patrowl ensures :

  • Continuous (re)discovery of all assets exposed on the Internet
  • Permanent identification of weaknesses and vulnerabilities with automated penetration testing, pentest as-a-Service (PTaaS) and threat monitoring
  • Easy remediation with prioritization and contextualization
  • Continuous remediation monitoring

Patrowl is currently being tested in 3 healthcare establishments included in the program, and has enabled the discovery of an unreferenced remote RDP access with a password listed in a data leak and likely to compromise the IS from the Internet, as well as remote maintenance access to medical equipment directly exposed on the Internet.

Dedicated support for the CaRE program

Patrowl also supports the achievement of objectives set in line with the governance, resources and awareness axes:

  • Patrowl participates in the self-assessment process and strengthens IT teams through its hyperautomation and the support of its security engineers;
  • Easy to integrate and use, the Patrowl solution contributes to the quality of developments and configurations, to risk awareness throughout the organization, and to the maintenance of best practices, focusing attention on critical vulnerabilities and employee commitment;
  • Patrowl ensures a secure environment on a day-to-day basis by alerting staff to any new suspicious activity that could affect the life of healthcare establishments, and by reporting only verified and proven vulnerabilities.

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Blog: CaRE program: healthcare facilities close the cybersecurity gap with Patrowl